How does 99tests work for Testing Mobile or Web Applications?

Companies share a simple one page requirement about their Mobile or Web Application, with details like the features, supported mobile devices/browsers and operating systems.

In 24 hours 99tests will launch the testing with 25 professional testers from different countries to test the app and log bugs. Once the bugs are logged they are validated by senior testers and clients can then download the bugs or pull them into their bug trackers like JIRA or Trac through Zapier.

Each bug report will contain details like the description of the bugs, steps to reproduce, a screenshot or video and which platform (OS/Mobile/Browser) the bug was found.

This type of bugs testing is 10x faster, as more number of testers take part in a very short time. The testers are rewarded for every valid bug, hence there is intense competition to find and report bugs in just one day. 

This type of Exploratory testing is ideal for testing new features of a build/sprint. Also just before a major release to apps store or play store, client can find critical bugs in just few days of testing.

For regression testing, 99tests provides Test Case Execution. 

For Monitoring Features or Use Case, 99tests provides App Monitor.